Haarlem and surroundings by bicycle or kickbike

Everything can be reached easily by bicycle or kickbike. This certainly applies to the center of Haarlem! Sights, monuments, courtyards and squares, with a good route you will be there in no time.

Like with our other activities, there are countless possibilities by bike or kickbike.

What about:

  • stepping/cycling with a roadbook (route guide) through the city center
  • stepping/cycling and boating - check Deals or contact us
  • stepping/cycling through the dunes, possibly with a puzzle tour
  • just nice stepping/cycling
  • cycling/stepping through Haarlem with a checklist (Seen This, Done That)
  • guided tour through Haarlem and the surrounding area (route bulb fields, route Keukenhof, route dunes, route city)
  • 'Take It Easy' tour with plenty of breaks at Haarlem hotspots