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Haarlem Landmark the St. Bavo Cathedral

Haarlem Sightseeing

Regarding art and culture Haarlem has a lot to offer. The Teylers museum, the Frans Hals museum, the Cathedral of St Bavo, the Grote St Bavo Church, too many to mention..


Haarlem City walk and Courtyards tour

A city walk or a courtyards tour (in dutch Hofjestour) is thé way to discover the historic center of Haarlem. An enthusiastic private guide will be happy to tell you about the rich history of Haarlem.. 


A visit to the Proveniershof in Haarlem during the Courtyards tour in Haarlem
Windmill De Adriaan in Haarlem

Discover Haarlem from the water

Haarlem from the water! Certainly a highlight. Cruise the river 'het Spaarne' and enjoy the beautiful canals in the center of Haarlem ..


Discover Haarlem by regular bike, E-bike or kickbike

How awesome to find your way in Haarlem by (E-)bike or kickbike! A wonderful (E-)bike ride along the Spaarne or a trendy kickbike tour through the narrow alleys and across the squares in Haarlem. What a joy! 


Bike tour Haarlem
Transport by electric tuk-tuk for a visit to Haarlem

Haarlem E-service

Great, this electric TukTuk service!

The E-TukTuk offers space for up to 4 people, so if you need supportive transport, we will arrange it! GoHaarlem goes the E-way ..

Let's go crazy, let's SUP! (stand up paddle)

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a combination of surfing and kayaking. At suppen it's important to keep your balance on a large surfboard while standing up with a paddle. Try to make speed and enjoy the water..


Stand Up Paddling Haarlem SUP tour Haarlem

Haarlem running tour

On your mark, get set and GoHaarlem! 

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